It came in a dream. I had been thinking for days about what to call this endeavor. I wanted it to be more than some bland "XYZ Consultants" generic name.

I also wanted a logo to be both a expression of what we help clients do and to capture the idea of constant change that arrives in more refined state.

One early morning, I had this dream with me handing out business cards with this name and colorful logo. I woke up in a sweat and said,

"No- that won't work, it's like some sort of circus logo not a consultancy..." "...worse yet, it looks like some logo you'd see on a kids breakfast cereal. Yikes!"

What a bad dream....

Then I started to look at what I had dreamt more closely and I realized the word IMPROVE really does reflect want I want our clients to gain as an end product; how to improve. Further the letters of the word IMPROVE could represent a core belief for the work we do. See below:

The big "I" represents the Improvements we seek for our clients,

The little "m" for made but also is reflective of the many small moves taken along the path between actual conditions and target conditions

The brightest and largest letters embody things we care about most, "P" for Processes, "R" for Results, and "V" for Value.

The "o" is small because we want everyone to share in the ownership of the challenges and solutions, not big ego ownership.

The moderately sized "E" for Education also represents a kind of "just right" refinement after several continuous improvement iterations.

Finally, the "!" Exclamation point illustrates the excitement and call to action we hope to bring to continuous improvement.



Is this a bit crazy or over the top? Perhaps. but I hope you see that this logo represents a lot more than some circus banner or cereal box logo. It actually captures a lot of ideas in one compact package and it is kinda fun to look at. I hope you enjoy it.

Article by Chris Redgrave

Chief Improvement Officer (and owner) of IMPROVE!