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Process Troubleshooting and Improvement

Help! Now!

We can act to support your team when things aren’t going well, problems seem complex and solutions are nowhere in sight. You need help now.

Using proven Structured Problem Solving methods we can:

  • define the scope of the issue,
  • identify short term containment actions,
  • help uncover root causes,
  • develop and test long term corrective actions, and
  • aid in implementing them with you.



Process Analysis, and Decision Making Support

Creating a road map to success



Using tools such as Value Stream Mapping, coupled with traditional industrial engineering methods, we can work with your organization to evaluate and prioritize process challenges.

After creating a thorough gap analysis of your current situation, we can determine where the greatest opportunities for improvement are and build both tactical and strategic plans to start on your journey of continuous  Improvement.

As we do this work, we can train you and your staff so you can use these same techniques in the future.

Manufacturing Process Development

Finding the better way to build



With 30 years experience with welding, machining, composites, robotics, automation and even 3D printing technology, we can help identify the most cost effective means of designing your manufacturing process line. We can also develop the line balancing data to synchronize your new process into your production line.   



For when you are small, but need help growing to the next level


Rent-a-COO allows you to bring expertise in operations on board on a part time basis to help you set up the business systems you will need in the future to facilitate your growth.

The transition from small to mid-size is full of challenges as you face both internal growing pains and additional external regulations and restrictions.

We can help identify roadblocks and then work to get you around them so you can grow your business.


Training in Continuous Improvement

We can help shift your organizational culture to Continuous Improvement


Based on the scope you desire, we can deploy a multi tiered training and facilitation program for you and your organization.

For large groups, training may be broken up in to units and deployed over a period of weeks.

For small groups or individuals training may be tailored for specific near term goals and delivered in an afternoon.

We can provide training on a host of topics including:

  • Foundations and history of continuous improvement
  • Specific tools of continuous improvement like
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Visual Factory
    • 5S
    • Kanban / Heijunka
    • Structured problem solving
    • Statistical methods
  • Teams and team building
  • Team dynamics for supervisors and team leaders learning to work together.
  • Strategies for mentoring including Improvement / Coaching Kata’s (Rother methodology)

It should be noted that Continuous Improvement methods are most successful when everyone in the organization gets the same training and uses the same vocabulary. Ideally you want to be able to have a team with both the CEO and the janitor sitting together able to talk about process issues and how to resolve them.

Comprehensive Coaching for Executives and Senior Managers

Based on years of experience in mentoring executives to develop a culture of continuous process improvement within an organization we can provide training and guidance in areas such as:

  • Foundations of continuous improvement based on Deming’s PDCA
  • Improvement / Coaching Kata mentoring for executives (Rother methods)
  • Team building, servant leadership, and the creation of learning organizations
  • Skill building approaches to reduce fear and resistance to change
  • Management tools such as gemba walks, visual management, agile thinking



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