Helpful links to Continuous Improvement Resources

Lean Enterprise Institute

  • Home for many learning resources about lean and its many applications to continuous improvement.

Mike Rother

  • Well known lean practitioner and author of important books on value stream mapping and the Kata Process

The Deming Institute 

This website promoting the legacy of W. Edwards Deming, a key 20th Century leader in the continuous improvement world.

The Agile Manifesto

  • This site explains the key philosophical tenants of “Agile”, a family of methodologies closely related to lean. While it’s roots lie in software development, Agile core techniques can be applied  in many continuous improvement environments.

Helpful links on Leadership

Center for Servant Leadership 

  • A foundation dedicated to the teachings of Robert Greenleaf, a man who redefined how the timeless principles of servant leadership can be applied in the modern world.

This site is part of the Redgrave Creative Productions LLC Family of Businesses which include:

RCP Music Publishing

Home to-

  • Perseverance, A Modern Medieval March
  • The Dick Shearer Legacy
  • and soon, other great music.

Movement for Percussion

  • A website showcasing Cheri Redgrave’s “Movement for Percussion” etude books / videos and her percussion ensemble music.

Improve! Process Improvement Expertise 

  • A Continuous Improvement Consulting Business)

Also see our sister company RCP Foods LLC and its two sites:

2 Cooks 4 Allergies

Cheri’s HazelCream

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